Town Hall

This is the heart of your village. Upgrading your Town Hall unlocks new defenses, buildings, traps and much more.\nDestroying an opponent's Town Hall wins you the battle and you get one Star. Destroying 50% of enemy buildings gains you a second Star, while 100% annihilation awards full three Stars.\nBeware, your enemies will be trying to destroy your Town Hall too!\nFor maximum protection, keep your Town Hall in the middle of your village and protect it with walls, traps and defensive buildings. Your enemies are sneaky and can attack from any side!
Unknown 4 x 4
RegenTime 20
Level Hitpoints: Time
1 Town Hall 450 10s
2 Town Hall 1600 10s1000
3 Town Hall 1850 3h4000
4 Town Hall 2100 1d25000
5 Town Hall 2400 2d150000
6 Town Hall 2800 4d750000
7 Town Hall 3300 6d1200000
8 Town Hall 3900 8d2000000
9 Town Hall 4600 10d3000000
10 Town Hall 5500 12d5000000
11 Town Hall 6800 14d7000000
12 Town Hall 7500 14d9500000120